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Story Story Lie: Championships at The Rio Theatre

Story-Story-Lie_poster_championship.jpgThe trickiest of the trickiest on the same stage competing for the biggest trophy e-ver! It’s also the final show of the season and the most anticipated to date, as seven comedians share their strangest, most embarrassing, and utterly unbelievable stories that are totally true… No exaggerations… Except one of these charming contestants is a liar! Hardest Spot the Liar game yet!

Thursday, June 21
Advance Tickets $10 HERE | $12 at the door | Doors 6:30 pm | Show 7:00 pm

THE CONTESTANTS: ★ Corinne Lea,  ★ Patrick Maliha,  ★ James Hammond,  ★ Mark Hughes,  ★ Sophia Johnson,  ★ Ed Hill and  ★ Claire Pollock   ★  Hosted Jo Dworschak with her lovely assistant Matt Loeb

*Warning: 14+ This show contain strong language, somewhat mature and immature subject matter.

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