What we are looking for? Good stories that need to be shared.  At Story Story Lie we believe it’s essential to have diversity on stage. So we seek a range of ethnicities, ages, genders and sexual orientation. Whatever your barriers, background or ability we would like to hear from you.

What do the storytellers get? Yes, Story Story Lie is a paid gig. You get to share your story to one of the nicest audiences in town at The Rio Theatre. We also provide coaching from an award winning storyteller. Storytellers also get professional photos, video and audio recording from the show. Plus we love helping promote their future projects.

What do the storytellers do? Share a 5 minute true story that is too strange to be true. Our audience loves an underdog, ridiculous coincidences, bad choices, and beating the odds. Stories do not have to be about you, but are told by you.

Want to know more before submitting? Check us out on Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

How to submit? Click here to get to the submission form on our website. Send a teaser of your story. We’ll contact you if we think it’s a good fit.

IMPORTANT DATES, themes and deadlines

October 23rd, Grave Decisions: Halloween stories, can be spooky or silly. Deadline: September 21st

December 5th, Family Feuds: Family fights, the drama, the secrets or Christmas stories Deadline: November 2nd